Japanese Language Class

We believe that initial care is one of the most important aspects for school from overseas with different languages and cultures. Learning Japanese language arts before and after entering school leads students to feel safe and have confidence.
If the students cannot understand studying any subject while staying in Japan for a longtime, concentrated Japanese learning will be the best way to understand the subjects.

At ‘’Gururitto’’, we have our own classroom “Gururitto Japanese Language Class for Children” and also another classroom “Ota Japanese Language Class for Children” that is entrusted by Global City Ota Cooperation Association(GOCA).
We are providing support to students according to their backgrounds and situations.


Ota Citiy Sanno Hall
Train: About 10 minutes’ walk from JR Omori station
Bus: About 5 minutes’ walk from bus stop Sanno San-Tyome  (Show Map)


Gruritto Japanese language class for Children    (Gururitto Nihongo Kyoshitsu)
Applicants Preschooler 〜 Students about 18 years old. High school applicants included.
Location Ota Citiy Sanno Hall #303
Date Monday・Wednesday・Friday 10-12 or 14-16
Note: Mainly Japanese language lessons as a Supplementary Japanese class: Your attending school will admit to take this lesson after a discussion with students, and parents/guardians.
Enrollments As needed(interview required first)
Class form 1 on 1 or a small group lesson
Lesson fee ¥500/2hours for Elementary and Middle school students,  ¥1000/2hours for others.
(Others : Class for Short-Term Visitor, International school students, etc)


Ota Japanese Language Class for Children    (Ota Kodomo Nihongo Kyoshitsu)
Entrusted by Global City Ota Cooperation Association(GOCA)

Applicants 6 to 15 year old students whom are ready to enter Elementary and Middle school.
Note: Students who have already entered Elementary and Middle school are not included. In that case, please ask to Gruritto Japanese language class.
Location Ota Citiy Sanno Hall #303 / #401
Date Monday・Wednesday・Friday 9-12
Enrollments As needed (interview required first)
Class form 1 on 1 or a small group lesson
Lesson fee Free

Please contact us in advance.
We will decide the time schedule for the study after the interview.


Currently, we are having face to face classes with special care against COVID-19.

We will have the lesson 1 on 1 base at the classroom. However, in case of a special situation, such as few students entering at the same time, we will have the lesson 2 to 3 on 1.

We basically use Japanese language only in the class by the teachers who have learned the Japanese teaching method. However, in case it’s necessary, English or Chinese language would be used.

Currently, students from a lot of country, such as China, Philippines, Nepal are studying at the Gururitto.
And during break time, students enjoy talking and playing games with teachers.

Not only Japanese language lessons, but also several topics such as after graduate procedures, and issues at the school can also be discussed with teachers. Teachers will help to find solutions.
We all will support students closely for good school life in Japan.




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Frequently asked questions

Q. Can adults study too?
A. Unfortunately, there are no adult courses.
There are plenty of other adult courses in Ota Ward. Please consider checking up on them.

Q. Will the student be taught by the same teacher every class?
A. In most cases, one student will be taught by 2-3 teachers.

Q. At the discussion, will there be a test?
A. We will test the students’ basic skills within the discussion and the first class. This will not be paper based but will be done by using flash cards.

Q. Are subjects(other than Japanese Language) taught?
A. Basically, we do not teach subjects other than Japanese Language. When the student gets able to understand primitive Japanese, we will support the student with other subjects from the aspect of Japanese lingual teaching.

Q. Is it possible to learn Japanese only on summer for a short duration?
A. Yes. Please contact us first.

Q. Is it possible to take a look on the classes?
A. If you call us on prior, it will be possible.

特定非営利活動法人 日本語ぐるりっと


大田区立山王会館 303号室


月・水・金 10:00~16:00